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this site has been created just to give you a chance to see my possibilities how to educate myself and to share my approach and technologies I'm using to prepare for CCIE Security I want to beat this year, 2016.

I don't want to compete with other web resources, rich for getting the IOS images, virtual appliances, licenses - you wil not find it here. I'm going to describe my own LAB running in the garage, emulating a bunch of various devices - routers, switches, ASA firewalls, IPS/IDS, running mostly in Unetlab. Then, running several virtual appliances - Cisco ISE, Cisco ACS, Cisco vWLC, IronPort WSA/ESA - all these running for free with Evaluation license.

of course I have got a lot of other stuff as I passed CCIE RS in 2015 and trying to keep me in touch with the recent changes. Also trying to self-educate myself in today's trends - SDN network programming etc. Important note at the end - I'm offering some of my own materials I have created during my self-study to get the second CCIE and these materials are reflecting my view , my understanding and it can happen it's not correct and not inline with the standard/technology white-list. I just want to ask you to provide me any kind of feedback to be able to track and r emediate these faults.

thanks and enjoy!

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