as it's described in the lab.gear section - my lab is mostly virtual but for some specific security features the physical HW is needed. I'm trying to emulate as much as possible due to very high costs for physical devices. with no ROI of course :o)

started to build the lab environment by studying the INE CCIE Sec v4 topology - the physical wiring and tried to modify it to be able to run their labs and ATC, but also to easily adjust it (with no cabling changes) to any other vendor's lab.

own real-based topology

the real CCIE Security lab exam topology leaked out so I was able to build the original topoogy in my lab just to reflex the requirements that might be needed during the exam. and of course to be more familiar with this topology. I modified the original structure and tried to fit it to UNL/Virtual environment but had to adjust few things of course as this is covered more to the details below.

there is a lot of inter-switch connections and think it doesn't make any sense to draw a diagram for this, so all the links are listed in the following table ...

don't be scared during the UNL implementation phase as it's really messy because of enormous count of links of 18 networking devices. you can see below it doesn't make any sense to use the unl web to manage this:

and lastly, the list of my network devices:

  • routers - R1-R7, UNL IOL, 4xETH, 256M RAM, 15.4(2)T4
  • switches - SW1-SW6, UNL IOL-L2, 24xETH, 256M RAM, Nov3/2015_HighIron
  • fw - ASA1-ASA3, UNL, asa-8.42, 512M RAM
  • fw - ASA4, UNL, asa-8.2, 512M RAM
  • ips/ids - IPS, UNL, ips-6.0.6, 1024M RAM

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Alaeldin 2017-02-04
Alaeldin 2017-02-04
Thanks,but where is download link 
UNLCLOUD 2017-01-30
Go to ccie laby vcetne written 
sherif 2016-12-12
thank you
robin 2016-08-13
cz.NetLab 2016-04-11
@Zed - will do it later this week, good idea to share the unl file
keepthechange 2016-03-29
can we build entire lab for security in UNL ? what would be the PC configuration needed ?
Zed 2016-03-29
Could please kindly share your unl topology file. We will be really grateful
dinosors 2016-03-07
I know span is not working and is important for IP,  but did you try to put the IPS on the same bridge interface of the interface you want to capture in UNL? or maybe do a tcpdump and forward it to an interface can be a solution i think

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